The Barbie Diaries is a 2006 motion capture film featuring popular Mattel character Barbie. It is part of the Barbie film series.

The Barbie Diaries

Theatrical Release Poster

Directed by Eric Fogel

Kallen Kagen

Starring Kelly Sheridan

Skye Sweetnam Sarah Edmondson Venus Terzo Matt Hill Chiara Zanni Andrew Francis Maryke Hendrikse Anna Cummer

Music by Russ DeSalvo

Peter Schwartz

Editing by Bryan Shelton
Studio Curious Pictures

Mattel Entertainment

Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Release date(s) *May 9, 2006
Running time 70 minutes
Country United States


Language English


In "The Barbie Diaries," Barbie is portrayed as a typical American teenager who is a sophomore in high school who encounters the problems that real-life teens often encounter: making new friends, dating, gossip, and getting involved in school. She always gets beaten in everything by Raquelle, a snobby girl who used to be her best friend in fifth grade. On the first day of school, she attempts to become anchorwoman for the school TV station but Raquelle beats her to it. Instead, she becomes Raquelle's personal assistant, buying her drinks and doing her work.

When Raquelle dumps Todd he and Barbie began hanging out together and soon become a couple. Todd asks Barbie to the Fall Formal. Thrilled, Barbie as well as her best friends Tia and Courtney rush to buy a dress when they discover that Raquelle and Todd are together again. The mysterious woman at the counter, whose name is Stephanie, gives them advice and offers them some charm bracelets for free. Barbie's happens to come with a diary which she writes her hopes in.

Soon after, what she wrote starts to mysteriously come true. Someone leaves her love notes and her band, Charmz, gets a gig at the school dance that Barbie was previously invited to. Next, Barbie decides to do a piece on popular kids and "What Makes Them Popular." She soon starts to neglect her friends and the story is quite mean. She even skips Tia's class-president election to hang out with Dawn and Reagan. She starts skipping band practice, and spends hours talking to them on the phone and hanging out with them. Barbie realizes that her hopes written in the diary came true and rushes to the mall to ask Stephanie about it. To her shock, it is revealed that the woman never worked there and apparently does not exist.

Tia and Courtney discover that it is Kevin that has been leaving Barbie the love notes not Todd. They pressure him to tell her but he refuses. Dawn and Reagan find out that Barbie only befriended them because of her story and stop hanging out with her. They tell Raquelle. Soon, Raquelle steals Barbie's magic bracelet. Tia and Courtney watch footage of the story, and they discover that Barbie has told them a secret about Tia. They confront her and let her know that they no longer want to be friends with her. The night of the story, Barbie apologizes to her friends and chooses to instead showcase Kevin's film clips depicting a paperclip chain attacking his eBook. Out of shame Barbie refuses to go to the dance. On the night of the dance her friends arrive and tell her that she has to perform with them, giving her the dress that they put on hold for her at the mall.

Still worried as she has no bracelet, Kevin takes one of his guitar strings and loops it around her wrist. Barbie points out that it is a "stupid piece of bent metal" until she realizes that that is what her bracelet was. The girls rock the concert with Courtney finally able to do a drum stick maneuver that she couldn't do before. Barbie and Todd dance.

Confused, she thinks back to other people who were in the places the notes had said. Realizing that it was Kevin all along, Barbie leaves in the middle of the dance and goes over to Kevin. Kevin gives her back the charm bracelet that he found on the ground. She apologizes for never realizing, but points out that the bizarre rhyming in the notes was a giveaway. The two dance together and become a couple.



01. Kesha - Invisible

02. Girl Most Likely To

03. Feels Like Love

04. Real Life

05. Elanya - Fate Finds A Way

06. Skye Sweetnam - This Is Me

07. Skye Sweetnam - Real Life

08. Skye Sweetnam - Girl Most Likely To

09. Skye Sweetnam - Note to Self

10. Huckapoo - Where You Belong

11. Deanna DellaCioppa - I Don't Wanna Sleep

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